Extremer Gym is divided into two section the front portion is an open space area suitable for Circuit, H.I.I.T, Plyometric, Functional, Boot Camp and CrossFit Style Training.The back portion focus mainly on Power Lifting, Body Building and Weight Lifting.


Be creative and come out with your own workout regime.

Personal Trainer

We understand that everyone's body and lifestyle is different and unique.That's why our personal trainers will go through with you a series of medical, fitness, lifestyle related questions that best reflect your current condition. From the results gathered, the trainers will plan a workout routine that best fits your ability and goals.

Visualise who you want to be and work for it

Group Class


Extremer Gym combines both cardio and resistance training into one efficient and effective 30-minute group class. Routines are changed weekly to entice more active participation. The Gym has a wide range of equipment ranging from the basic dumbbell, barbell, pull up bar to push pull sled, battle rope, kettle bell, tyres and slam ball that will be use during classes. 

Open Gym

In Extremer Gym you will never run out of ideas to train. We provide a wide range of equipment with large open space. All that is left for you is to choose your equipment, setup and get ready to sweat.

Functional Training:
Battle Rope, Sled, Kettle Bell, Medicine Ball, Slam Ball,Tyre, Sledge Hammer, Plyo Box,Pull Up Rig, Bumper Plate, Resistance Bands, Rope Climbing, Gymnastic Ring, Dip Belt, Form Roller, Abs Roller...

1000kg of Free Weight, Olympic Barbell, Ez Barbell, Multi Grip Barbell, Hex Bar, Strong Man Log, Rack, Bench, Dumb Bell, T Bar, Stack Weight Cable, Dip Bar...

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