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Extremer Gym:

We are an all-in-one gym, providing training facility to individuals of different fitness level and training preferences.

Gym Access:

To fit busy schedule of working adults, our gym operates daily from 8am – 9pm. Drop by anytime at your own convenience. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost you your bank to join us. It is a steal with the wide range of equipment we are providing and trust us, you will come back for more.

Group Class:

Our Extreme H.I.I.T* combines training program like HIIT, Tabata, Body Pump, Insanity, Bootcamp and Plyometric workout into one efficient and effective 30-minute session that pushes your cardiovascular fitness to its peak.

The main focus of the above lesson is to increase your VO2 Max (greater heart and lung capacity), promote fat oxidation so you lose fats at a faster rate as compared to traditional cardio workout.

Say good bye to stubborn fats around hips, thighs, tummy and arms

*suitable for both male and female. Training intensity will be adjust according to indivual fitness level.

Personal Training:

For members who are serious about total body transformation and taking their first step to a healthier lifestyle & a toned body.


Our professional trainer will evaluate your current fitness level / lifestyle & eating habits / medical history and fitness goal before customising a training program that fits your current status and goal.

Be it muscle building / leaner body / weight loss / improving cardiovascular fitness, our accredited personal trainers will work out a routine that deliver maximum results.

Affordable Pricing:

Monthly package: $85

Suitable Workout Program In Our Gym:

H.I.I.T, Circuit, Cardio,Bootcamp, Functional, Plyometric, Weight, Body Building, CrossFit Training.

Functional Training 
Battle Rope / Sled / Kettle Bell / Medicine Ball / Slam Ball / Tyre / Sledge Hammer / Plyo Box / Pull Up Rig / Bumper Plate / Resistance Bands / Rope Climbing / Gymnastic ring / Dip Belt.

Weight Training:

1000kg of Free Weight / Olympic Barbell / Ez Barbell / Multi Grip Barbell / Hex Bar / Strong Man Log / Rack / Bench / Dumb Bell. 


Basic amenities:

Shower, restroom, water dispenser & storage rack

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